Google Stack

Google Stack

Have you ever heard of Google Stack? Confused about what it is and what it does? Well, you’re certainly not alone! Keep reading to find out how to use Google Stack for a less messy, more organized life.

What Is Google Stack?

Google Stack is a filing, analyzing, and organizing app. The app was launched on the 30th of March, 2021, for Android phone and tablet users in the US. It is free to download from the app store. Once photographed, it digitally keeps records of various bills, IDs, and cards, categorizing them for easy organization and better user experience.

How can one use Google Stack?

  • Download the app from the Google Play Store.
  • Click a picture of the documents/papers you want to preserve.
  • Once done, the app automatically scans and titles it for the user.
  • The app also suggests which category the scanned document would be best grouped in.
  • The app also allows imports and scans of pre-existing PDFs, documents, and photos on the user’s phone.

How does it work?

The so-called ‘stacks’ on this application, by default, have been organized into broad categories. Some of these categories are Legal, Medical, Identification, Travel, Tax, and Banking, to name a few. The app even allows further customization if the already existing categories aren’t what the user needs. The user can change document titles, shuffle around the scanned documents, create new categories, and put one PDF into multiple stacks. Digital enhancement is another excellent ability of this app, containing crop, edit, and color options. The top-notch reading quality can quickly gather information, even from damaged or crumpled documents. This app is an expert at analyzing critical data and information as well as organizing it. To ensure the most significant safety net, all these stacks of documents on the app can easily be backed up in Google Drive. In case of malfunction or deletion, the essential documents can easily survive. Many skeptics claim Google might do away with Stacks, even in that case; however, with proper backup in Google Drive, all the user’s files can easily survive.

Essentially, Google Stack functions as an inexhaustible, personal digital library, customizable to your unique needs. With this app, you can have a tailor-made record keeper on your phone and never worry about physical copies of documents. Quite extraordinary.

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