How to access Google Lens features on Chrome desktop?

Google Lens is an excellent image searching device introduced by Google.

Instead of opening a new tab on a laptop or tablet to search, you can use Lens on the same site in Chrome to look for related information, translate the text into a picture, image source, etc.

For instance, you can use a photograph of a smartphone to look for information on how and where to acquire them or to look for images of smartphones that are similar.

You can also utilize a text-based image to acquire the textual content’s interpretation.

Let’s go over the processes for using Google Lens on Chrome on your desktop in more detail.

What are the steps for using Google Lens on Chrome on desktop?

  • First, test whether or not you have the current version of Chrome internet browser on your Suppose you don’t then get it.
  • Now, open any site and navigate to an internet
  • Locate the picture that you want to search for.
  • Right-click on the image.
  • “Search image using Google Lens” option will be visible. Click it.
  • Clicking on it will open a new Google Lens page.
  • Select “Text” if you want to obtain textual content from such a picture.
  • For translating the written content within the image, click on “Translate”.
  • Select “Search” to go ahead with a close image search.
  • To see all relevant search results, scroll down to the bottom of the page.

How can you get the current version of Chrome on your desktop?

  • In the chrome page on the right-hand corner, select the three dots icon.
  • Now, tap on  “Help” and “About Google Chrome”.
  • Click on “Update” and then on “Relaunch”.

You’re on the most recent version if you can’t find this button.

How does the Google Lens image search function work?

You can click/upload a picture or offer a hyperlink to a picture accessible online, and Google will try and discover associated photographs.

These will be generally comparable photographs or a mixture of similar photographs and genuine copies.


To summarize, Google Lens is a different but more useful and effective method to get information about an image.

If you’ve never utilized this service, now seems to be the perfect time for doing so.

You must put this feature to good use.

So, go surfing for the results you are looking for through Google Lens.

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