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Who doesn’t love to play games? With the regular progress in technology, we can witness and play games with high graphics and specifications. This meant playing these games would require computers with high graphic support and specifications. Affording such high-power computers became an issue for many.

To solve this, cloud-based gaming services were introduced. All the required specifications were provided virtually by the cloud provider. One only requires a decent working PC with a good internet connection. Some of these cloud gaming services are:

Vortex: Vortex is a good cloud-based gaming platform that offers good performance, graphics, and a large number of gaming options. Vortex is considered a good option for medium to mid-large-sized games. The resolution and sound effects aren’t the best, but the price is quite low. With only 9.99 USD monthly, you will be more than satisfied with the service.


  • Newbies will enjoy its easy-to-use interface and performance
  • Multi-device support. Games like GTA 5, CS GO can be played on mobile
  • 50 hours of gameplay per month
  • Refund policy within 15 minutes of purchase
  • Customizable on-screen controlling system

Shadow: Shadow is a unique and the most dominant cloud-based gaming service. Instead of just the gaming environment, Shadow provides you with a dedicated virtual gaming machine. You can download and install any game you want and enjoy high graphics, speed, and other classy features. The dedicated VM performs smoothly even during peak hours.


  • Dedicated cloud-based gaming computer
  • Smooth gaming with 4k UHD streaming
  • HIgh-speed GPU and large storage (256 GB to 2 TB)
  • Reasonable pricing, starting at 35 USD monthly
  • Download speed of 1 Gbps


PlayStation Now: Playstation Now was introduced by Sony and is one of the oldest cloud-based gaming platforms. It supports a wide range of games with high-resolution graphics and effects. With an internet speed of 5 Mbps, users can have a good gaming experience on Playstation Now.


  • HD video with surround sound effect
  • 7-day free trial
  • Pricing starts at 59.99 USD monthly
  • 5Mbps+ internet speed will smoothly run the games

Conclusion: The above-mentioned cloud-based gaming services are undoubtedly marvelous. Several others are also available with varying prices and features. High-resolution gaming is made accessible and feasible with these cloud-based gaming platforms. Let us know about your gaming-platform choice.

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